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Most Overplayed Songs on Joburg Radio
1 March 2009, 12:00 AM UTC+2
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Or, American Junk-Pop Stuck in My Head
Or, OMG–Who Am I Anymore?

  • “Love is Free” by Sheryl Crow
  • “Take a Bow” by Rihanna
  • “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay
  • “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry

I’m grabbing my puppy and putting on aviator glasses I’m so embarrassed.

(written October 08)


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Never heard of any of those songs, but I’m pretty sure I won’t like the song by Rihanna.

So you’re back from India, ha? How was the trip? Had a lot of fun?

Comment by Nay Savin Wangtal

Oh wait..dang.. it was stupid blogspot site playing tricks on me and saying this was the newest post–from 21 minutes ago.
Honestly, wtf, blogspot!

Comment by Nay Savin Wangtal

Funny enough, it is the newest I’ve posted. I just backdated it to make it all confusing — and because I actually wrote it back in October. Ditto the various other posts coming soon.

Comment by Linn

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